Go the Extra Step in Style with a Chanel Shoulder Bag

Several cities across the globe are getting ready to honor one of the most beloved, respected and well known fashion designers throughout the world. The fashion designer in question is the iconic French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The honoring is going to be in the form of an international tour of the exhibit from the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam. More than 140 of the playful, often daring and exuberant, avant-garde works are going to tour cities as diverse as Dallas and San Francisco.

Gaultier has been making beautiful and elaborate costumes and outfits since at least the 1970’s, which has since shocked and awed the world just as it did all those decades ago. Some of his more out of the box designs and clothing articles include long skirts for men, including countless amounts of Breton stripes and coming up with his now signature conical bras. Gaultier has also made some big headlines for his work in film and television, with some of his designs and costumes being featured in Luc Besson's “The Fifth Element,” Pedro Almodovar, and in concerts for Madonna and Tina Turner and others.

The tour, entitled “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk” plans to have an audiovisual theatrical exhibition which is sure to surprise everyone.

Effortlessly remain a trendy diva while appearing chic and in sync with an authentic Chanel Shoulder Bag. This one can be considered vintage, retro, classic and bold.

The frame is a mid size shopper style with superior crushed bronze/gold metallic lambskin leather. It is further highlighted by its fine and detailed stitching with its CC logo on the front exterior.  It is carried via its extra long double flat top handles that can easily fit on the shoulders.

The classic and simple frame’s craftsmanship creates a modernist design.  The bottom of the pre-owned Chanel bag is a flat surface making it easier to place down and remain upright.

The Chanel shoulder bag keeps items secure via two magnetic snap closures. The user will find super strength space that can carry more items than required. It is lined with matching textile fabric There is a separate zippered compartment that can easily hold a wallet, keys and cell and takes up the entire side wall.

An authentic Chanel Shoulder Bag in metallic is an edgy must-have that goes the extra step on style. Even Jean Paul Gaultier would be impressed by its user's fashion know-how.

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