The Louis Vuitton Malesherbes Handbag is Stunning Finisher to an Outfit

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The authentic Louis Vuitton Malesherbes Bag exudes smartness and elegance. The Louis Vuitton Malesherbes bag is crafted in Damier Ebene canvas known for its shades of brown checkerboard pattern.  The Damier Ebene coated canvas is durable and handles well no matter the season.  

The frame is a classic and is also known as a Kelly style bag. This is perfect for the office or get-togethers for lunch. Its hardware is gorgeous and nothing less than first class in gold tone metal.The gold tone engraved turn clasp has been installed with painstaking care and its centerpiece.

The pre-owned Malesherbes features a rolled single leather handle for hand carry.

The Louis Vuitton flap top closure opens up to a dark leather lining. The spacious interior can easily organize essentials as it contains a separate zipper compartment with LV engraved pull.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Malesherbes Handbag is just the bag that will last a lifetime and remain a trendy and timeless collectable. Stand out as one who has the opportunity to own it just like Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Love Hewitt does.

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