A Louis Vuitton Palermo PM is an Adaptable Favorite for Everyday

 Florida is well known for their beaches, oranges and perpetual sunshine, but most people would probably associate it with a theme park. One of these theme parks that opened just last year was LEGOLAND, which finally crossed its way over from the west coast of California and from its homeland of Denmark. Since then, it has grown into one of the more popular attractions and has even begun to slow eclipse the bigger chains.

This has led to the theme park obtaining more money and, therefore, more time and resources to do bigger and better projects. One of these projects, which has just been completed and opened to the public, is the LEGOLAND Hotel.

The hotel, located in Winter Haven is popular not only for its excellent service but also for its amazing miniature LEGO replicas of famous landmarks and cities such as the Las Vegas Strip, Washington DC and New York City. Perhaps the grandest sculpture of them all is a replica of New York City’s famous Grand Central Station. The sculpture, which was made by one of the master builders and weighing over 1,500 pounds, had to actually be airlifted into the hotel.  

With all this and more, it’s no surprise why the hotel is becoming so popular with vacationers and citizens alike!

An authentic Louis Vuitton Palermo PM Handbag is an adaptable summertime favorite style that Jennifer Aniston uses. Its distinction is due to its large and practicable space. It is named after the seaside city in Sicily. It is useful for a shopping expedition, visit to a theme park and  as well as the office.  

Crafted in the ever popular and iconic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas it is durable and water resistant.

The structure of its body features graceful pleating and natural cowhide leather trimmings, making the pre-owned Louis Vuitton tote exceptionally feminine and casual elegant. The adjustable shoulder strap is removable. Using the top double leather handles offers a completely different look.  

The gold tone brass hardware is outlined throughout the tote including the buckles and top zipper closure. The pull is a large dangling gold LV engraved circular charm.

The inside is lined with fine fabric textile based in brown and several interior patch pockets situated on both walls. The used LV Palermo will fit in with all occasions and can be organized well enough to make sure every belonging has its own place. There is a D-ring near the top ideal to place any keys. 

So throw in a set of LEGOs purchased for the kids at the theme park and still dine in style in their new hotel with an authentic Louis Vuitton Palermo PM Handbag. 

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