Add the Perfect Companion Around the Middle with a Chanel Lambskin Waist Bag

Although spring break  has ended, that doesn’t mean it’s too early to get cracking on planning a vacation for the late spring or early summer. This time of the year many choose to go to the lovely Miami Beach and it’s easy to see why. Sun, beach and a wealth of culture await all the visitors who go to this beacon of the "Sunshine State."

One of the more popular attractions in the area is the seafood restaurant Joe’s Stone Crab. The restaurant was first opened in 1913 as a mere lunch counter on the beach-side. It soon rose in popularity and has since become an institution of the area, mostly for its famous dishes. Most people go to Joe’s Stone Crab for their titular meal; the Florida stone crab is a delicacy in which only the claws are served. Stone crabs are served from October to May, but don’t be discouraged by arriving after season.

Joe’s Stone Crab also has many other delicious items on their menu such as grilled salmon with shoestring potatoes and the savory mustard sauce as well as their famous Key Lime Pie. Their friendly atmosphere is nothing to sneeze at either as everyone, from locals to tourists to even high profile celebrities have been seen gracing the establishment.

Chic style from Chanel with an authentic Chanel Lambskin Waist Bag is the complete accessory to carry anywhere while on vacation. This waist bag adds an absolutely a luxurious look to what is normally viewed as a fanny belt casual style.

It has a functional use for a woman to remain hands free. However, it takes that up several notches with it desired Chanel black lambskin leather, gold tone hardware and classic Chanel flap opening.

The pre-owned Chanel Waist Bag is further enhanced by its leather waist belt adorned with the iconic gold tone chain links.
This used Chanel fanny belt can fit all according to desired size since it’s adjustable It will sit comfortably on the hip or waist.   

 Wearing the used Chanel flap is immediately recognizable with its CC logo turn clasp.

The Chanel has plenty of room once opened. Stash some cash and other personal items inside the smooth black leather lining. There even a zippered compartment on the side wall for extra space to secure items.   

An authentic Chanel Lambskin Waist Bag can be the perfect traveling companion for the day but will do just as well in a dressy situation at night.

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