Add a Chic New Look by Taking Along a Louis Vuitton Vernis Wilshire PM

It hits everyone at one time or another of running into trouble to get to sleep. Insomnia is a plague that one must be careful not to depend on medications such as sleeping pills to combat chronic insomnia. Using them on a daily basis can lead to a lifelong addiction problem. Now anyone can get one back to a routine of getting a good night’s sleep by giving these suggestions a try.

  • Like many things in life, sleeping pills should only be used in moderation when prescribed and monitored by a doctor. If lack of sleep is an on-occasion thing, they are some good and natural methods to help combat insomnia.
  • The first and most important thing to remember is that one cannot sleep unless they are physically tired. Forcing yourself to go to sleep will often do more harm than good. A good way to get more sleep in this manner is to exercise more during the course of the day.
  • Try to get up and go to sleep at approximately the same time daily. Make it a habit that the body feel comfortable with.
  • One of the major factors of not sleeping is stress. Stress can often build up and form more so during the night by thinking about the day's events. To combat this, try to talk to a loved one about any problems or write down feelings on a piece of paper to get it out of the system before retiring.
  • Read before bed-in a chair. Afterwards finishing for the night, shut out the lights and go to bed.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Wilshire PM handbag is named after Wilshire Boulevard in California and is the perfect one to carry a book, kindle or exercise apparel to a gym.   

The Wilshire PM is crafted with LV embossed patent Vernis leather in shiny black. The weather resistance Louis Vuitton handbag is an envelope-shaped frame with finely detailed stitching. Even owners Ashley Tinsdale, Vanessa Hudgens and Cheryl Cole make claims to its ultra stylishness with chic styling.

The pre-owned Wilshire´s front exterior contains a gold tone plate scripted with the Louis Vuitton signature.

Its double rounded leather handles allows the bag to be either hand carried or worn on the shoulder.  

The used LV patent Wilshire is extremely spacious and lined in matching fabric. There is an inner zipped side compartment on one wall.  Two D-rings for hanging keys are added bonuses.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Wilshire PM adds a touch dramatic touch of style wakeup. 

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