The Chanel Lambskin Handbag with its Chocolate Bar Pattern is a Stylish Rare Find

 With vacation season rapidly approaching, it is no surprise that many people have already gotten their bags packed and their suitcases ready for their overseas trip. In this digital age of ours, virtually everyone has to take their cell phone with them in order to keep in touch with loved ones or in case of emergency situations.

However, many people remain puzzled as to how overseas cell phones work. Here is how to achieve these benefits of phone calls from all corners of the globe:

  • Make sure that the phone is compatible outside the United States as some services will not work outside of North America. The best way is to contact the service provider in order to activate the international calling privilege.
  • Another option is to rent an international phone or purchase SIM cards from other countries upon arrival.
  • Carry all essential numbers normally stored in the phone separately in an address book for safekeeping. Reason being is if a foreign SIM card is placed on the cell phone, the contacts may not show up in the memory.     
  • Finally, make sure to turn off the automatic e-mail checker as a more cost efficient option. For an iPhone or a Blackberry, do this by changing the email settings to "Manual”.

Nothing tops traveling to new and foreign destinations that with an authentic Chanel Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag. This is the one that can look ever-so-chic in any daytime and evening session.

This Chanel is sure to be a classic is made in soft lambskin leather in a chocolate bar quilted pattern in the color of buttery yellow.

All hardware is silver tone including the snap kiss lock with the CC logo etched in black at the top of the bag’s closure. The contrasting color is black Lucite that is used as its top trim.

The single leather rope top handle is knotted and can go over the shoulder or on the arm. Snap open the bag to reveal an interior of the used Chanel Lambskin bag lined in completely in grainy black leather. Stamped in silver lettering on the top portion of the wall is “Chanel – Made in Italy.”

Stylishly mid-sized, the Chanel designer handbag offers more interior space than imaginable for all personal items. There is a zippered pocket with the CC logo engraved on its circular charm pull.  Store a cell within it comfortably.

The authentic Chanel Lambskin Chocolate Bar Leather Shoulder Bag is a rare find and quite an exceptional bag to use every day this season at home, the office and travel.

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