The Louis Vuitton Damier Geronimos is a Perfect Outdoor Companion

Don’t save sunscreen only for the beach or summer days . As the days get longer and  the weather nicer , it is time to purchase a good SPF 15 or higher sunscreen for skin care. When it comes to tanning, a “little at a time and often” is always smart and the best way to avoid potential sun damage.

  • Be patient

For sunscreen to kick in and be effective wait at at least a half hour after applying sunscreen before going outdoors.

  • Don’t skimp

Even if the brand claims to lasts all day reapply it every two to four hours when spending a lot of time outdoors.

  • Apparel

Wear clothes to cover as much of the skin as possible including a hat. Darker color apparel and tightly woven fabric provide the best protection to block UV rays from the skin.

  • Shades

Wear sunglasses with a a 99 – 100 % absorption rate for UV protection.  

  • Carry water

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep hydrated will help avoid heat related illnesses.

  • Moisturize

Allow the skin to retain as much moisture as possible by applying a moisturizer to the face and lotion to the body when returning home. During hotter days, store lotion in the refrigerator and apply it chilled for a spa-like treat.

Using an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Geronimos to head outdoors, gain some vitamin D and enjoy the weather makes good sense.  Not only does it look good and will withstand all types of weather it is functional for users and allows a woman to remain hands free.

The pre-owned Damier Geronimos is crafted in the much desired Damier checkerboard dark brown canvas. The waist pouch is further enhanced by its trimming in dark chocolate leather and gold tone hardware. 

This used Louis Vuitton fanny belt can fit all according to desired size via its adjustable dark brown canvas waist belt. It will sit comfortably on the hip or waist or even can be carried across the shoulder.

 Wearing the used Damier Geronimos allows the walker to place in a bottle of water in a hidden flat pocket located on the Damier front exterior.

The Geronimos waist bag has plenty of room once opened via a gold tone top zipper with LV engraved pull for sunglasses and more. Store a small bottle of sunscreen to always have on hand. Stash some cash and other personal items in the brown fabric canvas lining. There is a small d-ring to place keys on and find them with ease.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Geronimos is the companion for days out in the sun even if not it is not summer.

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