Broadway fans everywhere, your hopes have been restored as the official date for the 67th annual Tony Awards have been announced! With so many good shows premiering this year, it’ll be a hard time for the judges to pick the winners in each category.

The history of the Tony Awards is just as interesting as the Tony Awards themselves.  The awards were first founded in 1947 by Brock Pemberton. The award is named after Antoinette Perry who had passed away the previous year and played a large role in the formation of theater, serving as an actress, director, producer and co-founder of the influential American Theater Wing.

The first award ceremony took place in 1947, on April 6th at the Astoria-Waldorf hotel in New York City. However, the trademark award itself did not make an appearance until 1949 and was designed by famous art direction Herman Rosse.

The award consists of brass and bronze, exterior nickel plating, a black crystal base and a nickel plated silver swivel. Aside from the black base being added in 1967, the relief portrait of Antoinette Perry being removed and a small height adjustment in 2010, the award looks the same as it would have when it was first made.

The nominees are due to be announced on April 30th this year. We’ll have to see if personal Broadway  favorites make it to the finals this year.

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