A problem of having hair that is dull and lifeless should no longer be a concern. There are several good and yet very simple ways to improve it. The number one solution is to just give it a boost of color.

  • The best way to bring out a great new appearance is to try out a new hair color. Start off by taking inspirations from famous celebrities, from Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz´s trademark blonde appearance to the alluring look of Angelina Jolie or Natalie Portman.
  • Once you’ve finished getting your hair colored, wait approximately 48 hours after before resuming the usual shampoo applying, but make sure not to do it every day.
  • In order to keep the new hair color for as long as possible, invest in some good products that are specifically for colored hair. Those with a PH level higher less than 5.5 should do the trick.
  • Heat damage may occur from everyday use of blow dryers.  Avoid this by allowing the color tresses to dry out naturally.
  • Try to make sure not to use any other artificial chemical treatments such as perms or hair strengtheners and/or extensions as they most likely will weaken the hair shaft and cause brittleness and breakage.

Following all these tips will be sure to give a brighter, more vibrant look for colored hair in no time.

The sensation of owning an authentic Chanel Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag adds the right amount of elegance.

The Chanel flap bag has  come in many sizes and materials but never seen as a dressy an accessory as this one. The pre-owned Chanel is a classic spotlighted by its gorgeous gold metallic leather in a quilted vertical design.

The mini size evening bag contains the famous CC logo turn clasp in gold tone as the closure for security.  The flat leather strap makes it easy to carry and makes a Chanel statement wherever the occasion from a summer wedding all the way to a holiday get-together.

Matching the color and leather on its exterior, the used Chanel interior is in smooth gold metallic. The user gains a good size storage space for an evening bag and personal effects will sit in it contentedly via an entire side wall pocket.

The authentic Chanel Lambskin Leather Flap Shoulder Bag will articulate its advantage for after-five styling.  However, it can be used as a pick-me-up for the day too as Rachel Bilson has shown.