Whether posing for a pic in front of a landmark while on vacation or taking a professional photo for a business newsletter, some women have trouble with looking good in their pictures. Why does it seem that the celebrities never have a problem?  If photos have gone astray due to a few unfortunate looks, then worry no longer, because there are several ways to look better in photos. Here are just a few tips that celebrities have been following for years.

  • Take care of the hair. It’s the most important accessory and a single strand out of place can ruin a whole image. Make sure it looks perfect with a couple of highlights and a blowout.  Go for as a natural look as possible, even if coloring the hair has to be done.
  • For makeup, try to draw out the best feature in on the face. One of the more popular trends this year is metallic eye shadow, so let the eyes serve as center stage. Make the eyebrows look perfect, start with a small foundation mixed with liquid shimmer to wake that face. Then, put some concealer on, starting with the outside of your lower lash line all the way to the end of the brow and then blend it in.
  • Finally, feel confident.  In order to achieve great results, practice in front of a mirror.  Relax as the best pose is always a natural one.

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