One of the most popular stage shows of all time has truly outdone themselves. The new Cirque De Solei show, “Zarkana,” is a truly spectacular experience, consisting of both the usual Cirque attractions such as acrobats and amazing stunts with new and innovative works. First opening in New York and since then touring across Europe from Madrid to Moscow, this is one show not to miss when in Las Vegas.

The show seems to be a normal circus at first with clownish character and the hammy ringmaster known only as Zark, but soon, a dark twist comes into the story with the appearance of surreal landscapes led by strange creatures known only as the Mutants with horrific imagery such as snakes and eyeballs dripping down from the canvas, it is clear this is no ordinary fairground.

The behind the scenes action is just as, if not more, interesting then the show itself. More than 70 acrobats from around the world help create this rock opera. Singing, which was only seen sparingly in previous Cirque shows, is the main focus here with many musical numbers that are sure to create a hook with the audience. From a juggler who can bounce balls off of every surface to acrobats spinning in giant metal hoops, this show has something for everyone.

An authentic Dior Shoulder Bag is a gorgeous alternative to a glitzy evening bag. It is shaped like a half-moon. This soft, roomy bag is very hip, elegant, superbly executed and fabulously practical with that animal instinct that fits right in Las Vegas nights,

The pre-owned Dior Shoulder features multi-pattern fabric in off-white, beige and chocolate brown in a leopard pattern. This bag will take a woman anywhere from the casino during the day into a night on the town at some of the most popular shows such as  Cirque De Solei’s “Zarkana.” Leather detailing is a nice contrast in beige tone.

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There is an abundance of space with additional an organizational features pocket of a full wall zipper pocket ideal for a wallet and cell phone.

The authentic Leopard Pattern Dior Shoulder Bag can be dressed up or dressed down. The choice remains with the individual  to make it their all around bag.