The Fendi Zucca PVC Tote is a Positive Labyrinth of Color

 One of the more overlooked vacation spots to go to is the Netherlands Antilles, which is surprising as it has all the delights of a traditional tropical island. Abundance of sunshine, sandy beaches and beautiful palm trees make the area look as if it has jumped out of a vacation brochure.

The Netherlands Antilles are made up of 5 different islands, each more beautiful than the last. The Antilles are just perfect for a great getaway from the fast paced working life that worries many people. Here, you can take in many wonderful activities such as working on that tan rather than that big office project.  

The Antilles has also grown in popularity due to their diving which allows you to experience seeing millions of beautiful sea life of every size and color imaginable as well as a gorgeous labyrinth of coral reefs.

The Netherlands Antilles are aptly named by the Dutch influence that can be seen virtually everywhere on the island, from the architecture to the culture. One of the biggest appeals of the island is its universality with so many people, from honeymooners to families; it is quickly becoming popular with all members of the social circle.

 If there´s one designer handbag that a diva must consider an accessory staple, for trips to the tropics then go with an authentic Fendi Zucca PVC Tote.

The tote is based on a white laminated canvas background with the iconic FF logo in a cartoon-like styling. It is always appropriate when looking for an edgy feel. Sometimes known as the Zucca Rainbow , the signature handbag is filled with so much multicolor that it raises to the mood to positives.
The pre-owned Fendi Tote handbag is a vivid rainbow staple for any woman´s lifestyle and is a breeze to keep pristine.

All trimming is done up in white leather and used Fendi  Zucca PVC contains high quality gold tone hardware too.  There is a Fendi padlock with a white leather key holder.

Complimented by its rounded handles, the tote is an easy hand carry.   

The zip top closure with pull opens to the softest canvas lining in medium brown. There is one open pocket on a side wall and plenty of interior space.

Be in good company with a roster of  smart looking celebrities that are huge Fendi fans such as Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson and just about everyone else.  Owning an authentic Fendi Zucca Rainbow PVC Tote handbag creates an immediate wow factor.

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