Shine On with the Fendi Vinyl Gold Canvas Tote

Harry Winston’s name is easily recognizable to anyone who follows high society, celebrities or the stunning jewels that are splashed in fashion magazines.  The proclaimed “King Of Diamonds” is certain to get a mention more than once  in the commentary on nearly every red carpet award shows and openings.

His corporation has long been popular with the ‘rich and famous’and this is now reflected by easily 200 million dollars’ worth of jewelry being sold or loaned out to famous figures such as Anne Hathaway, Renee Zellweger, Kate Hudson and Angelina Jolie.

It appears that the company has struck gold once again with their new Water theme designs. In particular, the ‘River necklace’ has become a top seller and after seeing it, it’s easy to see why.

The eye catching design manages to accurately portray the sight of water, cascading down a creek with many sparkling jewels and pear shaped diamonds to delight both the wearer and everyone who looks upon it.  

In order to capitalize on the idea, Harry Winston has released a promotional video that is based on the month of March, featuring every one of the 19 piece collection in various situations.

Strike gold with the authentic Fendi Vinyl Gold Canvas Tote. This is an elegant bag that is lightweight and flows in style for trendy designer handbag lovers.

Generate some buzz and make a fashion statement with walking about town, even in Harry Winston’s boutique carting this stunning shoulder bag filled with classic FF monogram on a vinyl exterior all in gold.

A gold tone thick logo decorative buckle enhances its flap-front magnet closure. Trimming is metallic giving it that upscale and sophisticated look.

The pre-owned Fendi Tote contains an adjustable thick gold tone chain link single strap. Wear it as a shoulder or a hand-carry number as the choice remains an individual’s preference.

The used Fendi is spacious and is lined in contrasting chocolate textile fabric with the upper portion containing some sparkling sheen. A metal plate stating ‘Fendi – Made in Italy’ is inserted under the flap. There is a convenient entire wall zipper pocket to store keys, wallet or other items safely.

Carry a cut above the rest with the authentic Fendi Vinyl Gold Canvas Tote. Experience why celebrities such as Kate Bosworth love this bag from the iconic Milan fashion house’s label.

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