One of the most popular and long lasting relaxing and cleansing treatments for the feet is indulging in a pedicure. Having originated in ancient Egypt, the pedicure has become a spa and salon staple. It tends to be more in demand during the warmer weather months when the feet are exposed but splurging now will keep the feet in tip-top condition. 

Working in a way similar to a manicure, a pedicure is good for the feet by cleaning not only the nails but getting rid of pesky dead skin cells and rough heels as well. The word pedicure is derived from the Latin language with ‘pedis,’ meaning feet and ‘cura’, meaning cure or care.

There’s more involved than just filing the toenails to keep the feet in shape.  A pedicure is a spa experience and other tools used in the process including pumice stones, lotions with menthol, cuticle pushers, nail dryers and nail polishes make the feet look their best. For the winter, leave the colors for the fingernails and just have a clear polish put on.

While pedicures may be very relaxing, therapeutic and cleansing, there are some precautions to take before having one performed. Check to see if the salon has been approved of by the Board of Health and follows all of the regulations in order to decrease the risk of infection. Don’t go cheap as the feet deserve it not only aesthetically but health wise.

After experiencing that winter pedicure, it will be only too soon to look forward to heading to the salon for another.

An authentic Fendi Baguette simply defines modern style. The Fendi of Milan designer handbag is carried by Sarah Jessica Parker on and off the screen many times over.

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