Send Your Designer Handbag off to the Spa



The art behind a designer handbag is well considered and crafted with the finest quality of materials. Why else would a girl pour hundreds and thousands of dollars into one?

A designer handbag reflects your personal image and should ooze style, elegance, and/or edginess. Any handbag purchase is a well thought out accessory that is practical and yet suits your character, your fashion sense and makes a statement about you.

These are no ordinary handbags and designer handbags if taken care of can last for many years. Make sure before you invest that you're getting the one that is right for your lifestyle.

However, depending on use and the number of years of owning your designer handbag, there comes a time where it needs a little outside TLC. Any fine leather bag can become damaged or lose its pristine luster over time. Don’t dispose your investment and instead check it into a ‘Bag Spa.’

 ‘Lovin my Bags by Barbara’ is the best around in making your designer handbag new and blemish free again. Restoration by Lovin my Bags by Barbara is a smart and cost-effective alternative to replacing an expensive designer handbag and making it ‘brand spanking new again.’

Allow Lovin my Bags by Barbara do their magic on your much loved handbag.  This is just a small sampling of what their creative team can take care of for your designer handbag.

Rips and tears can be matched and eliminated. Lovin my Bags by Barbara has the experience and materials to match Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Gucci, Prada and more.

A huge enemy to any designer handbag is sun damage causing it to develop a rough, dry surface. Happily this is repairable with the services of Lovin my Bags by Barbara with a conditioning treatment.

Excess sun exposure can cause fading to leather too. Happily this is not a problem for Lovin my Bags by Barbara. Just send your gem in for a complete color restoration and it is perfectly restored to its original hue.

The effect of too much moisture is a problem to designer handbag treasures. Habitual dampness can lead to mold, fungus and stains.  Lovin my Bags by Barbara’s professional technique will remove those nasty culprits as well as stains.

Speaking of stains, give your handbag a spa experience with a pre-treatment to avoid any future mishaps.

Protective waterproofing is also a must to consider. This allows you and the bag to head outdoors carefree no matter what nature’s elements have in store.

So if you are at the point of thinking of chucking your designer handbag, visit the online site of  Lovin my Bags by Barbara.  Then just check in your handbag for a well-deserved restoration and/or spa-like conditioning treatment. Once back home your bag will be like new again.



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