A Louis Vuitton Damier Mini Pochette is Positive No Matter What the Zodiac Predict

For those of you who are into the world of jewelry, there is one upcoming figure that should be watched out for. That figure is Hilary Park, whose popular pedants based off of astrological signs are selling like hotcakes.

Park, who was born in Brooklyn, New York, has specialized in jewelry for years with her innovative designs of silver and gold pieces, decked out with beautiful precious stones and other materials. Her jewelry has become popular throughout the world and after witnessing her designs it’s easy to see why.

Park breaks the mold by using her work to make quirky creations such as dinosaur cufflinks, spiky eclipse bangles, silver whip stitched cuffs and Maori bracelets that look like ninja stars. (Keeping in with Park’s trademark humor, a satirical disclaimer states that “any resemblance to any imagined weaponry, current or former is entirely coincidental”).

However, it’s the astrological pendants that keep the customers coming back to buy more of her goods. The pendants themselves are simple. They’re just small silver discs featuring artistic interpretations of each sign's symbol but it’s the astrology believers that make these discs special. Park was an astrologer before making jewelry, so it would only make sense that she would combine her two loves much like this.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Mini Pochette will serve a multiple of purposes for both spring and summer. The  pre-owned pochette features a striking checker-board pattern that is truly eye-catching.  The hues of blue are set in the Damier canvas and placed against a white canvas background.  Make a warmer weather statement with this rarely seen pattern.

The used LV Pochette is enhanced further by signature placed right in the center square on both front and back stating “Louis Vuitton Paris.” Nothing can be more stylish and sophisticated as this Louis Vuitton designer bag.

The strap is based in a tight gold chain link. It is versatile with the strap as a wristlet or  or hand carry. This is removable and can be carried as a clutch without the strap. 

A top zip closure contains a gold tone engraved LV pull. Any contents placed in the bag will remain secure.  The interior of this pre-owned bag is lined in beige tone textile fabric. It is specifically made for a gal to travel around light.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Mini Pochette is an accessory that will stand out for whatever astrological sign a girl may be.

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