The Award Winner of Style this Year and Next is a Chanel Patent Shopping Tote

 In 1929, the first Academy Awards ceremony was held. Today, at 84 years later, the public is still fascinated with the mixture of celebrities, fashion and awards. The first award show was done during a dinner with only two hundred seventy people in attendance.

Academy President Douglas Fairbanks handed out the statuettes in the more than 3 hour affair. There were no real surprises, as the winner´s list was handed out to the press before the event.

 This year’s slate of nominees in terms of actors, filmmakers, and screenplays run the gamut in taste and performances. Some members of the academy consider this to be the most difficult to choose from in years as there are nine films nominated for Best Picture and the preferred choices for the other top two awards of best actor and actress.

No one can deny that owning the authentic Chanel Patent Shopping Tote has status power just like winning an Academy Award.

Impress with the always favorable slick and shiny black patent leather bag from Chanel. This designer handbag that will be just as extraordinary in a mall as it is in a boardroom meeting.

Besides it scrumptious leather with unmistakable shine, it features a raised and eye-popping CC logo adorning the front exterior. The frame of the bag is slightly unique from other designer handbag totes.  

Naturally the mix of the Chanel infamous chain link is interwoven with the black patent but the balance is crafted flat patent leather that can be placed up the shoulder with no discomfort.

This patent leather Chanel is discontinued and makes it a chic collectable that is coveted by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Vanessa Paradis. The top zip pre-owned Chanel tote is finished off in gold tone hardware, including a zipper pull engraved with a gold tone globe charm.  

Inside the used Chanel Patent Tote is satin-like smooth grey fabric textile. The space is more than ample to fit in all necessities.  Gain easy access to all secure essentials with a full length zippered compartment placed on the side wall.

The classic authentic Chanel Patent Shopping Tote exudes basic black sophistication with just the right amount of durability in fighting the elements needed no matter the season.  It can only be stated as a true all-time award winner of style.

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