Travel to Faraway Places with an Elegant Gucci Boston Bag

 "La Dolce Vita," "Roman Holiday," and "To Rome with Love" are films that all share a common ground right between the intersection of  "tre vie" (three roads) in Rome.

The infamous Trevi Fountain is a preferred filming site for movies, music videos and magazine shoots.  It is a must-see on any visit to Rome and trend to be very crowded during peak season.

There is a well known legend pertaining to the Trevi Fountain.  The fable states that by throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain, that person will be returning once again to Rome.  

When the visitor throws two coins in the fountain´s basin, it means that a person´s true love will be uncovered shortly.  Throw three coins in the fountain, and the thrower is destined to be married in Rome. Do so by throwing in the coin(s) in the right hand over one’s left shoulder and it immediately seals the deal.

It is estimated that over 3000 dollars are tossed into the Trevi Fountain per day. The coins are fished out by officials and supply the means to feed the hungry in Rome.  This captivating story of throwing coins into the Trevi Fountains is perfect for the romantics.

Continue a journey to Italy totally Italian style by using an authentic Gucci Boston Bag. Traveling anywhere calls for versatile and roomy GG logo carryall bag. The best part is it will easily fit the overhead compartment on a plane, so items can be safe, at hand and in sight.  It will never be out of style and Jessica Alba, Kate Moss and Paris Hilton all are the owners of this classic.

Crafted in the original signature Gucci monogram canvas, it contains contrasting dark brown canvas belts running down the bag´s front and circumference. This is a working feature that can adjust the size of the Gucci tote by losing or tighten the dual belts that merge as the hand carting double handles.

There is a leather label bearing the Gucci name at the top center  All hardware is done in silver tone including the belt buckles and top zip closure.

The interior of the pre-owned Gucci Boston is super-sized, making it ideal as a quick getaway bag. All necessities will fit in with ease. It is lined in coordinating chocolate fine textile material. One wall contains a zippered pocket that extends the entire length in this Made in Italy hand luggage bag.

The authentic Gucci Boston Bag can find its way in gyms, planes and trains as the tote with style.

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