For many women, it seems to be a never ending chore of trying to get ready and look great. The layers of makeup for that perfect look can be time consuming. However, one of the most important tools of the trade to use is the concealer. Apply concealer by trying one of these methods to a flawless face.

  • This secret to better camouflage begins with a thick brush, such as the type found in an eye shadow compact that one never makes use of.
  • Pick up as much concealer on the brush as you can as precision is one of the main objectives with this technique. 
  • Dab the concealer over the spot or blemish lightly in order to hide the distraction.
  • Blend the concealer into your face with your finger. Don’t do a rubbing motion as that will pull the skin and defeat the original reason that it is being placed on the face. Just a light press into the skin to blend it will do. Repeat this several times in the same spot to unify with no traces showing. 
  • Once applied, set the concealer in order to make it stay on and not disappear from the face oil by using a translucent powder.

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