Keep Notes Handy in the Attention Getter Louis Vuitton Canvas Small Ring Agenda

 This week’s  London fashion show has everyone talking about the new designs, styles and trends that are due to come out later in the year. However, there’s one topic that’s bound to come up and that’s Rihanna’s scandalous and controversial fashion pieces.

The singer’s new outfits help show off the popular style of the swaggering girls after a night at the bar. There are over 120 pieces of her collection available and they are due to be released in 2 weeks.  

Models such as Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn participated in the show, leading to its popularity. Indeed, the clothing line has caused quite a stir in England.

One of the reasons why the clothes may be so popular is due to Rihanna herself, whose image has been used on countless albums and a perfume line. It’s her image, relationship and style that sell the goods.

The clothes themselves are flashy, tight and excessively sexual in tone. The clothes are aimed for the younger crowd as it demands well packed abs and may not work well with bras. This brazen appearance will work perfectly for them and gives off a distinctive attitude of the River Island style. This is one clothing line that everyone should be sure to check out.

Between that and all the raves received from the media’s view of the runway and jotting down their highlights has only made an authentic Louis Vuitton Canvas Small Ring Agenda more in demand.

There´s no surprise to find out that busy fashionistas such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna are huge Louis Vuitton Miroir fans of this head-turning mirrored agenda. With its monogrammed gold metallic finish and reflective surface PVC leather, it's guaranteed to be an attention grabber when pulled from a purse.

Besides its sleek, sophisticated and elegant design, the pre-owned Miroir agenda is ever-so functional and can double as a stunning wallet too.

Flip open the bi-fold with a front exterior  flap snap and find an outer wall is in smooth gold metallic leather with the words “Louis Vuitton Made in France” etched in. The opposite side contains four slots for debit and credit cards.

Of course as in its namesake, there is a full agenda available as needed. Use  it however, one wishes for making notes, keeping phone numbers on-hand or even for addresses. There is even a small ruler attached to keep measurements in tow.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Canvas Small Ring Agenda will be invaluable through the ages and will always seduce the viewer.

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