The Chanel Single Flap is Now and Forever

 For those women who dislike stiletto high heels with a passion, the tide has changed for spring. For 2013, it looks like the kitten heel is making a comeback. This was a popular heel in the 1950s and early 60s. It’s perfect for those who want a  feminine appearance  but don’t want to break their necks when walking down the street.  Here are the popular colors to look for in the 'new' kitten heel shoes this spring.

  • The perfect color that will create a feminine yet and imposing look is pink. They will make your step lighter as well as a ladylike aspect, great for the office or a trip to the museum/local shops.
  • If pink’s not a favorite color, a good substitute would be turquoise pumps instead. These ultra-chic shoes are perfect for a smart look, when fun is the most important thing on the agenda.
  • The one color that goes with virtually everything will surprise everyone. It turns out its beige, that cafe latte like color proves to have a surprising amount of surprising. It creates a classy appearance, looking to be more expensive than they actually are. They also are well known for lasting an extremely long time and are soft yet flexible soles will be wonderful for the feet.

One retro that is as trendy today as when it was first introduced and is as impressive as an authentic Chanel Single Flap bag. This is not only a stylish blast from the past but will always remain a must have for any designer handbag collector.

This pre-owned Chanel flap has fused puffed stitching crafted in soft black lambskin leather and complimented by its signature CC logo in gold tone that is its closure on its flap. The back exterior presents a flat open pocket.

The tasteful Chanel flap strap is doubled and is in  gold link chains interwoven with fine black leather.  The styling behind this used Chanel will be classified as chic and elegant whether used during the day or the evening.

This lambskin Chanel flap opens up to reveal ample space required within the burgundy leather lined bag . The bag contains the Chanel CC logo embossed on the inside of the flap and its one side wall contains two slip in pockets.

Be inspired by the staying power of the retro classics that are making a huge comeback. Any discerning woman will cherish an authentic Chanel Single Flap bag as pure luxury. It never has the chance to be retro since Victoria Beckham, Demi Lovato, Amanda Seyfried and Sarah Jessica Parker allows it to be here and now.

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