The three basic skin types are normal, dry or oily.  For many women, skin can have dry and flaky patches as well as a greasy sheen. Sudden changes to the skin type may be temporary due to changes in the weather.   Become a "perfect 10" again with a treatment for combination skin.

  • Control the Differences  

Once course of action is maintaining two sets of skin care products. The dry skin areas need to be treated using a separate cream for hydration, while the oily sections should be addressed with gels and ointments specially formulated to remove excess oils. 

  •  Cleansing  

All skin types should be thoroughly cleansed and the treatment for combination skin needs to be addressed separately.

Oily zone: The T-zone section can easily become prone to breakouts.  Consider an anti-acne product but not one that is too heavily packed with chemicals. 

Dry zone: Cold creams or mild cleansers work wonders for dry skin areas. The rough feeling will be diminished.

  • Moisturizers

According to the Mayo Clinic, bear in mind that "that there's no guarantee that any moisturizer will live up to all of its claims,” so choose treatment for combination skin with care.

Oily zone: For a moisturizer, an oil free moisturizer that is hydrating is the key for that glowing skin. 

Dry Zone: Use a non irritating product such as those that state hypoallergenic on the label.

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