Take a Causal Outfit and Make it Expand Stylishly by the Louis Vuitton Denim Speedy 25

One person who is truly knowledgeable in the art of fashion is Marc Jacobs.  With 26 years at his own label as well as 15 years  now spent at Louis Vuitton , it seems that the man and his works are virtually everywhere and that one cannot go a day without seeing his innovative styles somewhere in the world.

His recent Vuitton outfits are said to be his greatest works yet and after seeing them, you won’t have any choice but to agree.  Having been unveiled this past year at the Paris Fashion Runway, the checked graphic outfits have surprisingly became a versatile, celebrity-friendly hit that is being seen more and more frequently.

Celebrities such as film actress Kirsten Dunst has been seen wearing a sleek brown check dress to the opening of a recent film festival while others such as Twilight star Kirsten Stewart wore a similar but still beautiful black and white checked playsuit.

The hipster look is in full swing with the lime green outfits turning some heads and even some retro got into play with the 60s style outfit. It won’t be very long until these dresses will be seen at the local stores soon, so pick up your copy today.

For that shabby chic look with a vintage stonewash feel in hipster hot pink, go with the authentic Louis Vuitton Denim Speedy 25 Bag. This one is crafted in pink denim and will match a distress pair of jeans to a tee.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 is a must have for any Fashionista with a love for the classics but has that touch of edginess to her nature.

All trimming is in natural cowhide with gold tone hardware. This is one was inspired and created with the personal and contemporary touch of Marc Jacobs and its frame is no ordinary Speedy doctor’s bag designer.

The Louis Vuitton monogram is in off white all over the pink denim.

However, it is complimented even more by two exterior pockets with LV engraved press-lock closures. A top zippered compartment with LV engraved gold tine pull directly above the pocket. These simple  features make that top handle carry tote a standout.

The main interior compartment is accessed via its top zippered closure.

Its  interior is surprisingly roomy, considering its size and is based in pink microfiber lining. There is an open multi-function pocket on one side wall.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Denim Speedy 25 Bag is just the start of the imagination behind Marc Jacobs designs. It is the best for casual wear to start with.

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