St. Johns is an island that many come to as a day trip from St. Thomas for a snorkeling adventure. However, once there, its natural beauty, attractive beaches and restricted development makes one yearn to spend some time here. And others do as the island sets up a truly private getaway matching many tastes on its mere size of 28 square miles.

Totally surrounded by water,  the beaches are free form in their natural habitat. That doesn’t mean that water sports facilities are not available.  Windsurfing, surfing, kite-boarding, jet skis, kayaking, powerboat rentals, and fishing charters around St. John and to the neighboring islands can be arranged.

Trunk Bay is known as the place in the US Virgin Islands for snorkelling. A self-guided snorkeling trail is easy by following the underwater plaques that lead the way to an adventure that is informing as well by providing information, such as the types of coral present.  

St. Johns has many hiking trails great for the avid hiker or occasional stroller.  The trail along Caneel Hill professes higher elevations up to 719 feet above sea level introducing unsurpassed vistas.

Renting a jeep during a stay is one of the best ways to explore the island and gives the freedom at a personal pace.

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