Align to Accentuate Contemporary Style with a Louis Vuitton EPI Petite Noe

 One of the biggest factors that hot many women as they age is age spots made up of a change in pigmentation.  Although it mostly appears on faces and hands, age spots (also referred to liver spots) are also a problem for several other areas, including the shoulders, feet and the back. It is mostly caused by the ravages of time although spending excessive amounts of time in the sun has also been shown to be a factor. Here are some good ways of preventing them before they appear:

  • Wear protective clothing and UV special sunglasses while outdoors.
  • Avoid sun exposure when the intensity of the light is at its highest.
  • Put on a sunscreen daily with a high SPF numeric. Higher than 15 would be a good choice.
  • Use moisturizer on dry areas of the skin.

There are also some factors to look out for to make sure that the age spots are just that. If noticing any of the following speak with a doctor.

  • The mark in question have drastically changed pigments or gotten darker over time
  • The spot has increased in size.
  • The blemish is irregularly shaped.

For age spots, there are numerous ways to diminish their appearance. The safest and least expensive way of doing so is with laser therapy. The only downside is that it may require multiple treatments.

The authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Petite Noe drawstring bucket shoulder bag is a positive that will add that touch of youth and function.
The exterior texture helps durability in a designer handbag and the LV exclusive EPI leather won’t disappoint. Epi fans include Holly Madison, Chiara Ferragni and Freda Payne. Along with smooth leather trim, this bucket bag will last for years and always look as though it is right off the shelf.

This well designed drawstring handbag is in cobalt blue and completes any outfit as a trendy look.  All the beauty and polish of the LV bucket is complimented by its gold tone hardware and discrete LV embossment near its exterior base that is traditional with the EPI collection.

One long adjustable shoulder strap allows the user to adjust according to their needs for over the shoulder or as a cross-body. Of course, to gain access, the drawstring works as the used EPI Petite Noe´s opening.

The lining is in black suede-like fabric with interior space that is the ideal size to hold anything needed for work or play and everything in between. Besides welcoming space, there is an interior zippered pocket on one wall with a gold tone engraved LV pull.

The authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Leather Petite Noe aligns to accentuate lifestyle for every woman.

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