The Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote is a Chic Collectable

This year marks the 400th birthday of André Le Nôtre, the famed French architect and gardener to the Royal Family, famous for, amongst other things, the Palace of Versailles gardens and his works have delighted people for countless generations. The influence of his works is evident across the world, inspiring influential companies such as Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewelry collection Les Jardins.

As such, it is only natural that the Palace of Versailles itself is holding various retrospective on the man’s life as well as other facts that are not well known such as his great passion for and love of art.

Born in 1613 under a family of gardeners, Le Nôtre first went to work for the royal family, King Louis XIV in assisting him to enhance the garden as well as create a hunting ground where Louis could pass time with guests in one of his favorite activities. What many might not know is that André also had a hand in designing the city of Versailles.

The first exhibition will be held on June 11th 2013 and is titled Giuseppe Penone at Versailles. Showcasing Penone’s sculptures of trees, this is a perfect arrangement to the unparalleled nature of the gardens. The other exhibitions have other colorful names such as The Labyrinth grove, The King's herb garden and Le Nôtre in perspective: 1613 – 2013

Nothing is more French than an authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote.

This designer handbag that will be just as impressive as the elegant palace of Versailles or even in a boardroom meeting. The Chanel Shopping Tote has an amazing hot look in a slick and shiny burgundy patent leather and topped off in black fabric and silver tone hardware.

Besides it scrumptious leather with unmistakable shine, it features a raised and eye-popping CC logo adorning the front exterior.

This patent leather Chanel is discontinued and makes it a chic collectable that is coveted by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Vanessa Paradis.

Simple and classic in ultimate Chanel chic,  the iconic interwoven silver chain with leather is a double and fits over the shoulder with ease.   

The patent leather is lined in grey textile fabric. It offers a space that is super-sized and there is more than ample room for all belongings, including several walled pockets and a full length zippered pocket on the opposite wall.  

This authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote takes the best and uses different materials create to a sharp and head-turning bag with plenty of function.

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