Winter is a difficult time for the skin. Even the legs are vulnerable and are sometimes overlooked. However, they become dry and chapped by any sudden burst of cold air and forced heat. By the supplementary coverings over them, such as leggings and heavy wool slacks or knee high socks to keep warm, confirms that the winter itches will soon follow.

Activate the neglect legs this winter and renew them with a few helpful tips. The legs will remain smooth and soft and prepared for the warmer days ahead.

  • Salt them

Mix the 1/4 cup of sea salt with 3/4 cup olive oil. Rub vigorously to exfoliate the legs to help and free them from that layer of scaly dry skin. Rinse off with cold water and follow up with a moisturizing body wash, gel or soap when showering or bathing.  

  • Avoid heat

Even though the hot water or standing in front of a heater feels delightful on a cold winter´s day, by doing so will only dry out skin even more. Skin tends to have less moisture during colder months. Heat depletes what little moisture there is.

  • Moisturize

Moisturize the legs to remain smooth and silky throughout the winter and afterwards. Do this at least twice daily to keep the skin healthy, fresh, and supple.

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