Louis Vuitton Sienne Suhali L'Ingenieux PM Delivers Class and Elegance

 One of the most unique ways to help charities is purchasing products that send a portion of their profits to them. One that has been making note is the OneHope Charity Wines project. Exactly what the name implies, this beneficiary simply allows customers to purchase bottles of wine at various prices, with most of the proceeds going to charities across the world.  

As a result of this, the prices of the wine are rather high but it is worth it in order to help countless people in all corners of the world. An interesting aspect of the charity is that, while a certain amount on the purchase goes to a charity, the consumer can choose to donate even more that the allotment of the cost of the wine.  Supporting foundations  of all types,  OneHope Charity Wines should be commended making the public aware  of these good causes.

 OneHope Charity Wine is the brainchild of OneWorld, the geniuses who came up with the similar Social Impact Coffee to help underpaid workers in third world companies and is associated with Fairtrade, whose products that aim to protect exploited workers has raised millions of dollars in revenue.   

The authentic Louis Vuitton Sienne Suhali L'Ingenieux PM Bag is definitely a collectable and a retired design that Victoria Justice, Hilary Duff and Marcia Gay Harden own.      

The doctor’s framed bag is in a flattering basic black  in the Sienne Suhali leather which is hand-selected goat leather piece by piece to match the entire exterior.  Its trimmings are in the same gorgeous black but in smooth leather.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton L'ingenieux contains gold metal hardware scattered by studs but its centerpiece and standout feature to the doctor’s bag framing is its push snap lock engraved with the Louis Vuitton Paris name and initial.

The LV L'ingenieux  used handbag has double rolled leather handles making it comfortable to carry. An  additional benefit of this standout bag is its side zippered pocket to throw in a cell or keys.

As simple as it appears, the used L'ingenieux   is so elegant and stylish. There is no ‘right or wrong’ season for its use.
Pull up the flap and snap open the top to a spacious interior lined with the classic LV monogram pattern in satiny charcoal . The Louis Vuitton tote contains as much space as a LV Speedy, and offers a full length  zippered pocket on its sidewall.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Sienne Suhali Leather L'Ingenieux Bag is exactly what works to deliver style with practicality.

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