Own an Elegant Collectable with a Chanel Gold Paris Biarritz Tote Bag

How about on New Year's Day, begin one resolution from start to finish by organizing the wardrobe?  Beforehand, head to the store and pick up some new hangers.   Gain the ultimate goal of easy access in the closet each and every day and make the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome is a thing of the past.

  • Weeding

An  annual weeding will start the New Year off right. It is the most important of  ultimate organization and yet the most difficult to accomplish. In reality, if the item hasn’t been worn in a year, get rid of it. Place these items in the plastic bag and give them to charity.

  • Separate  

Organize the closet by type of wardrobe. All slacks and jeans should be hung together followed by tops and then dresses. Never place sweaters and T-shirts on hangers and fold them instead and place on shelves for easy viewing.

  • Color Code

This step will help streamline the entire closet for more efficiency and makes it a breeze to match key pieces. Line the items up from light to dark colors. Follow through with the entire wardrobe.   

  • Shoes

Keep the shoes on shoe tree or floor shelves designed for shoes.  Organized them with dress heels on top shelves, working down to wedge heels, to flats, to sandals, sneakers and boots.

  • Accessories

The "little things" like belts and scarves unfortunately can get misplaced. Get a few hooks and place on the inside of the closet door. Keep those belts and scarves on the hooks together for the easiest view of the selection.  

In honor of the original jet setter the Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, an authentic Chanel Gold Paris Biarritz Tote Bag is the ideal framed bag she would head to her beloved seaside Biarritz with.

This winning style should fit right in with any woman´s lifestyle morning, noon and late afternoon.

The ultra-fashionable pre-owned Chanel Biarritz offers great durability and there’s no need to worry about the outside elements. It features a gold coated canvas exterior in a quilted diamond pattern that is water resistant. All trim is done up in matching leather and silver tone hardware.

The detailing of this used Chanel tote is exceptional, including the engraving on key hardware pieces to the feet at the bag´s base for added protection.

The interior is reachable via a top zipper and is lined in off white leather., The inside offers a large main compartment with one zippered pocket to secure other items. There is a leather strap with a lobster claw clasp ideal to place the keys on.

An authentic Chanel Gold Paris Biarritz Tote Bag is a collector´s piece that even Diane Kruger owns. Take it on holiday or use it as an everyday tote bag.

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