Suit an Occasion with the Chanel Travel Line Tote

For  many women,  donning  their pajamas or PJs before heading to bed is the norm when the chill in the air arrives. Whether residing in the cold of Montana or in sunny semi tropical Florida,  there’s a PJ for all. The tradition of wearing pajamas seems to have been around forever, but the long night shirt was all the vogue right up to the 1920s.

After the colonialists settled along the east coast, they took note what the Native Americans were wearing, which consisted of loose-fitting jackets and trousers. Because of being lightweight and of  extreme comfort,  bedtime attire began to change.

The word pajama derives back to the Persians meaning leg garments and were around centuries.

 When trendy designers had  pajamas hit the scene, besides making a fashion statement, they were manufactured in heavy wools for that added warmth.  

In the 1930s they made their way out of the bedroom and into the public evening social scene. They were tailored in silks and satins and some even with fur collars.
Somewhere along the lines of time, a lack of  attention to pajamas took place. However, they have made a welcome comeback with style and grace. Feel chic and more body-friendly than in those oversized and bulky sweats. Shop for a pair of PJs that will flatter the body, keep it warm and be comfy enough to sleep in.

There may be many designer handbags that suit the occasion of a casual outing but the authentic Chanel Travel Line Tote is ideal for style and practicality when picking out a pair  PJs. Just ask Nicole Richie and Nicky Hilton.

The exterior of this pre-owned Chanel calls attention to its black nylon material with a tapestry-like texture that is dotted with CC logos.

Two top hand held straps are made with black leather in a versatile length that makes it to place on the shoulder bag. This pre-owned Chanel nylon tote shield the bag’s true width by its adjustable side leather tabs. The tote can stand upright and has protective feet on its flat base for keeping it fresh.

Gain access to the interior super sized bag via its top zipper closure with enough space to hold even the bulkiest of  items.

The interior of the used Chanel Tote is lined in muted black fabric. Besides plenty of open space, each wall contains extended zipper pockets to hold any personal items securely.   

 The authentic Chanel Travel Line Tote  is the ideal for use during the day. At night just lounge in a new pair of stylish PJs.

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