Heading into the stores this time of the year can easily be compared to being in Grand Central Station at rush hour.

However, the world renowned train depot is full of mysteries and interest that go  unnoticed. Besides being a transportation hub since 1913, hundreds of thousands have been venturing into Grand Central Station in New York, even virtually thanks to the cinema where it has served as backdrop for hundreds of films.

Walk through the largest train station in the United States and its noise level is sometimes deafening. There is an area of the terminal known as the "Whispering Gallery." A whisper will sound like shouting when two people speak to each other at 40 feet away across the concourse under opposite arches.

There is no mystery behind this phenomenon as the reason is the domes in the arches amplify sounds along the lines of the curve and the sound carried over to the other arch.

Another secret pertaining to its ceiling in the Main Concourse contains what would be projected as an obvious error those who study astronomy will notice.

 The zodiac is presented  backwards, however it is not an error by the artist, Paul Helleu. He was inspired by a medieval illustration that showed  how the stars would be witnessed  from elsewhere in the solar system.

The ceiling is the focal point in GCS during the holiday season and is used in conjunction with a holiday laser show playing non-stop every 15 minutes.  

One such bag that fits right into this season´s upcoming wardrobe is the authentic Gucci Leather Python handbag. Leave it to Gucci to enhance a handbag in such an exotic way.   It is a favorite of that native New Yorker, Jennifer Lopez.

This is one of the few bags that the patterns actually stand out with so much detail which rarely happens with black leather. The finish of the exterior has a bit of a sheen  to it, so it reflects just enough light to see the upper scales of the snake in crystal clear detail. The sides and a portion of the front contain smooth leather enhancements while the back exterior contains mostly that animal instinct Python pattern.

Make a statement when walking into any room by carrying this sought after pre-owned jumbo Dior Python bag, right now and into the future.

The detailing is full of surprises and includes silver tone hardware such as a bridle clip  on one side of the thick flat leather strap that makes it easy to place this huge saddle bag on the shoulders.
Once inside with its top zippered closure, the user will find super size space for so many items within the tan fabric lined trendy used Python handbag.

Whatever outfits chosen for fall, the authentic Gucci Leather Python handbag guarantees elegance in the trendiest of ways, even while looking up at the ceiling  of Grand Central Station.