The Edgy Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote Accentuates Individuality of Style

Lipstick color on a woman has stood the test of time and every lip gloss and lipstick offered comes in a palette of colors. Lipstick has accentuated the mouths of women the world over.

Always keen on looking good, the ancient Egyptians, used a blend of plant dye that  produced the desired crimson pigment, while. Cleopatra crushed beetles to provide the deep ruby for her lips.

Lipstick was considered vulgar and immoral in the 1800s . Only actors, both men and women, were the accepted for the use of red tints on their lips.  At the turn of the century, the make-up women did don was sparse and lips were left natural.

Lipstick finally took hold in the twentieth century through the glamorous Hollywood stars helped inspire women all over the world to emulate their looks.

These days, women are spoiled for the numerous choices in the marketplace. The higher end of the market, luxury, designer lipsticks, such as Chanel, have a compelling appeal.

The limited edition for Holiday 2012 is Chanel's popular Rouge Allure lip stain with two new addition colors L'Impatiente,which is a deep red-black and La Câline, a lavender rosewood.  Witha matte effect, these shades are daring and concentrated and will make a lip statement at any seasonal party.

The authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote fits right into the holiday no matter what lip color is used. Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes are huge fans to this innovative Chanel bag,

As iconic as ever, the pre-owned jumbo flap tote is crafted in scrumptious black patent leather and has all the features found in a Chanel  with a touch of edginess.

The pre-owned Chanel tote features urban silver tone chain link shoulder strap. The links cover the entire exterior of the  square shape frame Chanel handbag as a stunning decorative and eye catching feature.

The CC logo discreetly peeks through in several of the links holes.  The front flap opens via a magnetic snap.

The spacious interior is lined in gray pinstriped patten fabric. The used Chanel Patent leather tote can hold more than imaginable. The trendy Chanel bag contains a full length zippered pocket on the side wall with a silver tone Chanel pull making it ideal for safe storage.

Anything by Chanel is a winner whether it’s a lipstick or the authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote. This is the Chanel designer handbags that others will crave for by its about with its unique appearance.

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