With the holiday season fast approaching it is the time of the dress up occasions. As in the past, some of the most elegant get-together took place during the gray and dreary days of winter´s worst.

Renowned high end jeweler, Van Cleef and Arpels, once again is offering that let’s give the winter blahs the boot with a new fine jewelry collection just in time for the holiday season.  

Instead of making up a collection filled with color, they matched it to the season of snow and ice that is the order of the day in many locations throughout the world.

Give a boost to the stunning style needed for after-5 events by the Van Cleef and Arpels collection title “The Poetic Winter.” Rather than colored gemstones, it is exclusively made up of a merging of diamonds and white gold.

Last January was just a prelude to this winter jewelry series by a watch collection entitled, ‘Poetic Wish.’   

Reflected by the lavishness of one ‘Magic Alhambra’ necklace is a total dazzler in a classy and elegant way that one can only imagine the duchesses at a ball in Paris donning one. The theme of winter is mirrored by the pendant and earrings with a snowflake styling.

Van Cleef & Arpels creation of ‘The Poetic Winter’ adds the “sparkle with the magic of winter.”

Nothing goes better with diamonds that an authentic designer storage unit. Although the authentic Chanel Patent Leather Cosmetic Case can be used as a stylish vanity makeup case, it can serve for other purposes too. Lady Gaga uses hers for storing diamonds and other jewelry when on the road.

The vanity cosmetic bag is featured in scrumptious black patent leather. The exterior is square in shape and includes the infamous double C insignia embossed on its front. There is a double zipper on the top of the pre-owned Chanel cosmetic case that joins together upon closure by the gold tone CC logo engraved pulls.

The interior of this used case will easily store all beauty products, jewelry or other items and allow easy access to them whenever needed.
It will organize nicely and ready to be moved when traveling as a hand carry. There are several elastic bands in assorted sized along the inside perimeter. This presents storage of makeup bottles, perfumes and toiletries. 

There will be plenty of room is left over in the authentic Chanel Patent Leather Cosmetic Case to enclose a jewelry pouch filled with the latest collections of jewels.