Louis Vuitton Damier Chelsea GM Bag Satisfies Women of all Ages

In a world where an attractive image seem to be everything it is no surprise that many women use make up in order to make themselves look and feel better. Make up can be very flattering when it is done right, and can hide many imperfections and flaws.

Cosmetics have come a long way but the same principle still remains. Women want to look good and highlight their best features.

Proper makeup application is the easiest way to  cut off 10 years on your face and stop the clock from ruining looks. Don’t use fancy techniques or follow the fads when at a certain age. A classic and simple, well applied make up can help you look considerably younger.

Research, carried out by a major beauty retail store, consisted of showing ordinary people photographs of well-known women, first without their makeup, then with makeup on. According to the study, the celebrities looked five to even nine years younger with their makeup on.

The women were then asked to take a survey on their own looks and concluded that, the older they were, the more dependent they were on using makeup to hide their flaws.

Only 60 percent of women who are aged between 30 and 39 though that they looked younger with makeup, a stark contrast compared to the whopping 100 percent rating with women aged 60 to 69.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Chelsea GM Bag is one bag that satisfies woman of all ages.

It is crafted in the much desired checker board dark chocolate Damier coated canvas. This is the Louis Vuitton tote to harness power and can be carry every day around town and into the office.

It fulfills even more so by its gold tone hardware and dark brown leather trimmings running on its exterior all the way down to the bottom’s smooth base.  

The pre-owned Chelsea is no small bag and its flat double leather handles adjust on all four ends to whatever its user is comfortable with. The sides of the tote have overlapping leather trim with a top zipper closure attached. The zipper is a double with two engraved LV gold tone pulls.

The used Louis Vuitton Chelsea is super sized and made to carry all those extras such as cosmetics used for touch-ups. It is lined with bright red textile fabric.

There is a large zip pocket trimmed in matching leather with attached LV engraved pull on one wall of the bag. 

The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Chelsea GM Bag is the one not to miss out on. It’s a true quencher of looking good for any time of the year. 

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