Shop, Travel and Do it All with a Louis Vuitton Cabas Beaubourg Bag

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Grab on to the slick and smooth authentic Louis Vuitton Cabas Beaubourg Bag. Crafted with signature Louis Vuitton monogram canvas and cowhide leather, the pre-owned Louis Vuitton tote bag constructs a look makes any fashionista appear as a trendy shopper.

The handles are flat and made in deep chocolate can be hand carried or placed on the shoulder. It is further enhanced by its use as the front exterior trim with the Louis Vuitton name embossed on it.

There are many designer shopping bags that are similar out there but the frame of the Louis Vuitton Cabas Beaubourg  contains a hidden open pocket on its front exterior.

It is elegantly wider on top and closes via a top zipper with gold tone engraved LV pull.

There’s easy access to contents with plenty of storage space in lots brown textile fabric lining. The used Cabas Beaubourg  bag has a flat open pocket and a one for a cell on one wall and a full zippered compartment on the opposite side.

It is a lightweight, flexible, solid and well-built shopper not to miss owning.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Cabas Beaubourg Bag is a sharp shopping tote that will keep the shopper, office dweller, traveler and fashionista forever looking smart.

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