The most famous pop artist of all time, Andy Warhol has his own exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibition, entitled 'Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years' is part of a recent recurring tribute to the man, showcasing some of his most famous works. The timing for this exhibition could not have been better as Warhol is currently in the limelight for the auctioning off of his estate by Christie’s.

His many accomplishments in life are not only as an artist but as an experimental filmmaker, sculptor and writer are all being displayed here. 45 of Warhol’s works in total are shown as well as hundreds of other works by artists who claim to be inspired by the man and what he achieved.

One of the many institutions that are recognizing Warhol’s genius is the makeup company Nars, who is running a series of pop art themed products in association with the Warhol Foundation.

Eye shadow palettes are adorned with Warholian sayings such as “All is beautiful” and a soup can contains various eye popping colorful glosses with names like Factory Girls.  

The Debbie Harry Eyeliner contains diamond dust as a reference to Andy’s use of the same material and finally, colorful nail shadow including the lemon yellow New York Dolls and the metallic grey Back Room, a reference to a nightclub where Warhol and his group would often go.

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