Only Gain Style This Season with a Louis Vuitton Vavin PM

 Winter is known as being the season where many women put on weight. This usually results in sweating our bodies and exercising like mad in order to get back into a slim figure right after the New Year.

Learn to avoid this yearly yo-yo by simply following these tips:

One of the biggest problems of the winter season is the amount of food eaten. The normal food portion size may now triple due to the amount of side dishes involved and holiday goodies.  Cut down the weight gain by only eating smaller servings. Enjoy anything at hand but remember the intake of food should be lessened.

Another good way to keep the figure in shape is to not eat everything on the plate. Despite the mantra everyone has heard since childhood, it’s all right not to finish an entire meal. The best thing to do is to eat until feeling full and then just stop.

Yet another worthy piece of advice is to cut back on the eggnog as, although it is delicious, it also contains a very high amount of calories and sugar. Try drinking less fattening alternatives such as tea. In addition, stay away from excessive alcohol at those holiday parties. When at a dinner table, try to choose healthy alternatives.

Using all of this advice can save a girl a lot of aggravation when she steps on the scale come January 2nd. 

An authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin PM is the one to carry to pick up some healthy alternatives.

The slim and trim body of the used Louis Vuitton Vavin is constructed in the versatile and durable LV monogram canvas. It is embodied by of its stylish shopper frame completed with cowhide trimmings and gold tone hardware.

This Louis Vuitton will work as the main designer handbag or an additional small shopper.  The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Vavin is a hand held tote with two flat leather handles.

Gain access to contents with ease with the LV PM shopper. Although petite in dimensions, its canvas lined interior offers ample space. Daily necessities can be toted within the three separate compartments that make organizing a breeze. 

One the sides of the bag contains a compartment that snap closes. On the opposite wall, a large pocket style one resides. The center section is completed with a zippered pocket with a D-ring attached.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin PM is the everyday bag that Ashley Tisdale believes goes a long way any season.

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