The Chanel Waist Bag is the One That Works After Hours Too

 Some celebrities find that later in life they have talent in other arenas. Jazz crooner Tony Bennett has proved to be an accomplished painter, Katie Holmes a fashion designer and now Brad Pitt is showing another segment of creativity.

Perhaps this comes from Mr. Pitt’s affinity for that stage and has seen many a set or two in his lifetime. His spotlight has ventured outside the studio or location set and has now made his debut as a furniture designer.  

This is not a just lend a celebrity name licensing situation. Brad Pitt has sketched, designed and supervised the construction of a limited edition furniture collection consisting of dining tables, chairs and even a bed with luxury furniture maker Frank Pollaro.

The public will get a chance to view Mr. Pitt’s efforts in New York City next week at a gallery show. Mr. Pollaro recognized Pitt’s talent as far back as 2008. 

While delivering and overseeing the placement of an art deco-like desk purchased by Pitt for Angelina Jolie’s birthday at their residence in France, Mr. Pollaro came across a sketch book filled with furniture designs that he believed showed true talent. Apparently these drawings were the actor and Chanel spokesperson’s secret passion that he had been dabbling with for over ten years.

Chanel can speak for itself in the style department and one chic style from Chanel that is the complete accessory to carry anywhere is an authentic Chanel Lambskin Waist Bag. This waist bag adds an absolutely a luxurious look to what is normally viewed as a fanny belt casual style.

It has a functional use for a woman to remain hands free. However, it takes that up several notches with it desired Chanel black lambskin leather, gold tone hardware and classic Chanel flap opening.

The pre-owned Chanel Waist Bag is further enhanced by its leather waist belt adorned with the iconic gold tone chain links.
This used Chanel fanny belt can fit all according to desired size since it’s adjustable It will sit comfortably on the hip or waist.   

 Wearing the used Chanel flap is immediately recognizable with its CC logo turn clasp.

The Chanel has plenty of room once opened. Stash some cash and other personal items inside the smooth black leather lining. There even a zippered compartment on the side wall for extra space to secure items.   

An authentic Chanel Lambskin Waist Bag can be the perfect walking companion but will do just as well in a dressy situation too.

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