Add an Innovative Difference to a Classic with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Perforated Musette

One of the largest festivals in the United States during the holiday season, other than the Macy’s Parade is the ‘Festival of Lights’ that takes place every year in East Peoria, Illinois. Featuring wonderful attractions such as a electric light parade and firework show that rivals that of Walt Disney World’s and numerous special attractions, this is one place you should definitely put on your list.

The town of East Peoria goes out of their way to make tourists feel welcome about the festival with attractions like Winter Wonderland, a 2 and a half mile grotto trip tribute to the frozen month featuring skiers, elves and reindeer. Another good attraction to look up while you’re there is FOLEPI's Enchanted Forest, featuring animated displays and lavishly decorated trees on a trip through a traditional holiday forest.

There are many more activities to do in the Festival of Lights including theatrical performances, a grand gala event and a marketplace featuring an inordinate amount seasonal crafts. The fun begins on November 22nd with the aforementioned 40 float strong light parade. The East Peoria’s Festival of Lights is on until New Year’s Eve.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Perforated Musette is one not seen too often and was designed by fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

This pre-owned Musette frame is created as a large messenger saddle-like bag. It offers superior detailing of using the classic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas with its perforated circular holes on its front and back exteriors.  Its fuchsia alcantara lining peeks out with a burst of color.

Its obvious gook looks is further enhance by natural cowhide trimming, gold tone hardware and much desired functionality.

The adjustable shoulder strap is a match with the monogram canvas on one side and that gorgeous shade of fuchsia on the other.

The used Louis Vuitton Musette contains an open patch pocket on the front. The messenger opens via leather flap that securely closes the handbag with a small Louis Vuitton padlock.

The interior is spacious on this slim bag and is ideal to carry all personal essentials and communication devices. Not everything is exposed, as there is one flat pocket, nicely sized for keys, wallet and lipstick.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Perforated Musette hits the mark like a sparkling light show for fall and winter.

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