Try Something DIfferent with a Fendi Quilted Zucca Tote

There are so many different styles that are considered ‘in’ for the crowning glory this season. Sometimes it is confusing on which one to choose.

Here are the best tips to take to the hair salon to obtain those luscious locks that are popular.   

  • Find a picture of what is appealing. Bring in picture to the hairstylist so he or she knows exactly what one is seeking. Also, listen to any suggestions he or she has of appropriate styles as, after all, they have the experience.
  • Share the daily routine with the stylist so he/she can make suggestions on what will work best and fit in with typical daily activities. A “get out and go” girl, that gets a cut that will need a lot of styling will not work.
  • If the hair is colored or highlighted, ask the colorist about the best products to use to make sure the hair’s color doesn’t fade.
  • When ths color isn’t coming out just right, it might be due to certain medicines being taken. Consult your stylist and colorist before choosing what color to take.
  • Anytime when trying a new style, be patient with the stylist. It takes time to get the best look.  

An authentic Fendi Zucca Quilted Tote is a tote for all seasons. Not only is it extremely well sized without being over-whelming but it is durable and smart looking a gal will want to take it everywhere.

This one works best for casual outings and is made in quilted brown fabric. It still has the Fendi Milano styling and the tote professes a first class symbol of a quality and luxury accessory.

The pre-owned Fendi Zucca is distinguishable by its inverted black FF logo all over the exterior. There’s an eye catching top stitched detailing in a diamond pattern that graphically gets smaller towards the center. The bag is complimented even further by black leather trimming.

Two top flat leather handles are attached and can be placed on the shoulder or hand carried. The base of the bag is entirely in leather. Hanging off one strap is a large circular Fendi charm in gold tone carved out with the FF logo.

A top zipper closure reveals an interior which is completely lined in black satin fabric.   Besides contributing ample space for all items, this simply stunning authentic Fendi Quilted Tote promotes an inner zip pocket. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba admire these little details and features.

Be inspired of the staying power of the staples, such as shorts in the summer and an authentic Fendi Quilted Zucca Tote designer handbag.

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