Tow in Superb Style with a Gucci Pelham Shoulder Handbag

 Luxury jewelry Frey Wille is planning on releasing a stunning new collection next month. The pure art 8-piece collection, some of which are called ‘Bohemian Air’ and ‘Dancing Muse’ are inspired by famous Austrian expressionist artist, Egon Schiele.

His vibrant, colorful works such as Houses with Laundry (Two Blocks of Houses with Washing Lines)," and "Portrait of Friederiek Maria Beer" are being paid respect in the form of gorgeous rings, bracelets and earrings in gorgeous designs, which are full of life,

The eye-catching mixture of blended color and 24 karat metallic gold in the new Dancing Muse Cabochon Earrings will cause anyone to turn heads at your fashionable, daring style and makes a perfect accessory with the multicolored Bohemian Air Diva Ring with powerful cutting lines that create a good appearance.   

But if you’re looking for a slightly different style, the cubist/expressionist mixture that is the Bohemian Air Luna Piena Pendant is the right choice for you, with its quirky squares and its eye catching red lines.

The world-famous enamel in the pieces ensures that they are made to last for a long time and are well worth the price tag for any fashionista/ art lover.

Appreciate a color piece of jewelry by keeping the tones of a designer handbag in tow. Look towards the classical equestrian-style design of a slouchy saddlebag in an authentic Gucci Pelham Shoulder Bag.

It is one of the highly in demand Gucci handbags and is always sold out in an instant. The tote presents itself in winter white GG monogram leather with complimenting white leather trimming. The tote can be carried no matter the season and will match any item worn.

The Pelham’s name is not derived from a town in Westchester County but is a type of bit used when riding a horse.  It certainly makes t appearance on the Gucci shoulder bag. There are two bits and are attached on this pre-owned Gucci bag in gold tone hardware and leather.

The gold tone continues as eye catching enhancements as studs and protective raised feet.

 The double braided straps on this used Gucci tote are supple, fitting perfectly on the shoulders.

The interior is opened via a top slab closure and bursts with a bridle pattern in classic Gucci colors of green and red set against a beige background. The Gucci Pelham contains plenty of space to hold all belongings. There is also an inside zip pocket trimmed in leather.

An authentic Gucci Pelham Shoulder Handbag is nothing less than the stylish backdrop that Salma Hayek uses to blend with any outfit.

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