Uplift Everyday Style with a Chanel Mini Flap

 Winter is a time of a blast of cold with black skies for most people but this doesn’t mean you should mope around for the whole season.  As the years go by and by, the fact is that certain flaws such as wrinkles begin to appear despite how young one feels. In order to have a  face and body feel as youthful as you do inside, try a new and revolutionary style of appearance improving: lifting without surgery.

As the name suggests, lifting without surgery is a non-surgical lift that is suitable for both men and women aged 30 to 65.  

Lifting without surgery uses special polymer threads and the ingredients inside the threads pull up the skin to combat sagging on our faces and bodies. The procedure takes a little more than 40 minutes to complete the face and no scars or traces will remain on the skin.

Not only is it good for preventing sagging, it can also help stop skin that has been exposed to prolong periods of sun from aging by reshaping your face. The surgery is also relatively simple to perform and requires only a small amount of anesthesia and the skin continues to improve after the surgery over a course of one year, so you can look your best in no time flat.

Break away from a standard Chanel Flap and try the authentic Chanel Mini Flap on for size.

The Chanel mini offers everything the timeless and classic full size flap offers but in a diminutive and ultra feminine petite size. Just as numerous celebrities own the large version, there are just as many that desire the mini including Kathy and Nicky Hilton, and Ali Larter.

The incredibly chic flap is destined to be the perfect accessory to don for any fashionable diva for day and into the evening. Muted and fused quilted red lambskin is used with the mini this time.

The pre-owned Chanel mini flap contains the infamous front interlocking CC logo clasp in gold tone on its flap.

The back of the exterior in this used Chanel continues with quality craftsmanship and offers an open pocket. It’s sturdy but light in weight with a top handled in a gold tone chain link intertwined with red leather.  

Under the flap are two gold tone raised CC logo.  The amount of space is ample and the smooth red leather lined bag’s interior is very organized.  There is a zippered compartment with and open flat pocket directly below.

The authentic Chanel Mini Flap Handbag is a flawless addition to use this season.

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