Look as Perfect as Possible with the Help of a Chanel Quilted Lambskin Mini Flap Bag

 If the skin around the eyes is aging faster than the rest of the face, one or all of the “four S’s” (sun, smoking, smiling and stress) may be the culprit. Of course the cooler air temps can have a drying effect on the face and eye region.

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on surgery is unnecessary. Luckily, there are but 3 fairly simple tips you could take to get back to looking as perfect as possible.

The first thing and mist important tip is eliminating soap. The skin around the eyes is the most fragile and vulnerable. The alkali in regular soap dries out the skin too much. Use an effective moisturizing skin gel instead. Make sure that the gel says that it is mild and is appropriate for the eye area.

Secondly, always make sure that the eyes are properly hydrated and be sure not to use a common face moisturizer under your eyes. Instead, use a moisturizer that is specially formulated for eye care in either a serum or a cream. A small amount, no bigger than a fingertip, will suffice for proper care.  

Finally, even on the dreary winter days, sunglasses can hide any imperfections; safely guard the eyes against the elements as well as protection against glare.  Squinting constantly ages the eyes, and wearing sunglasses a must for anti-aging.

Don those shades and break away from a standard handbag and try the authentic Chanel Quilted Lambskin Mini Flap Bag. This is a never aging classic in scrumptious black lambskin with raised up puffed diamond pattern. All of its gold tone hardware completes it to total class.

The incredibly chic flap is right on the square for all seasons. It is destined as the perfect accessory to don with any outfit during the day and into the evening. The pre-owned classic Chanel mini flap contains the infamous large sized front interlocking CC logo clasp its flap.

Even the back exterior in this used Chanel Mini continues with craftsmanship with an open patch pocket quilted lambskin. It’s sturdy but light in weight shoulder strap is in gold tone chain links. It allows the user to wear the pre-owned Chanel flap a multitude of ways over the shoulder.

Flip the flap open and the amount of space is ample to hold all necessities securely during a smart luncheon or evening out. There is also one open pocket directly below a zippered one with its Chanel logo pull.

The authentic Chanel Quilted Lambskin Mini Flap Bag has many celebrity followers including Marlo Hampton, Nicky Hilton and Ali Larter.

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