Make this Season Red Hot with a Chanel Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag

What cinnamon is to pumpkin season, saffron’s one of the most beloved spice used in Mediterranean, North African and Middle Eastern cuisines. In Spain it is used in dishes such as paella to enhance the flavor of the rice and fish.

So it should come to no surprise that every year near Madrid, in the town of Consuegra, a Saffron Festival is celebrated. From October 27th to October 28th, a tribute shall be paid to the red herb that has so enriched the cuisine of the country.

The spice, which is derived from the flowers that grow in the region, is the subject of this event and include a parade and tasting various delicacies.  The residents of the town wear traditional outfits.  
An exhibition showing how wheat flour is made will also be on display at the local windmill.  However, the main attraction of the festival is when all the inhabitants of the town go and pick the herbs. The purple flowers have their stigmas plucked until about 14,000 of them have been harvested.

Surprisingly, all these stigmas make only a minimum amount of the spice, which changes to a dish to a reddish hue. An estimated 125,000 flowers are needed to create one pound of red saffron. But with the price of saffron being so high, many farmers think it is worth the 40 hours effort to produce this.  Spain is the second largest exporter of saffron, after Iran.   

One dish with the basic essentials in chic styling of designer handbags is the authentic Chanel Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag. This is a not-seen-too-often top zip pochette-style handbag ideal for day and night and is framed in a square shape.

The Chanel bag is crafted in its classic unbeatable soft, quilted lambskin with a different perspective that others will take not in a diffused red.   

The pre-owned Chanel shoulder bag’s top zipper closure offers a stunning pull that is a huge gold tone tag engraved with the CC logo.  

The unique Chanel handbag shines with its iconic double shoulder strap made with infamous gold tine chain links interwoven with red leather.

The interior of this used Chanel handbag is lined in the same red hue in smooth leather.  Although petite in space there is ample room for some makeup, cell and other personal items.  There is one zippered pocket on the side wall with a Chanel circular medallion pull engraved with the CC logo.

An authentic Chanel Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag is an elegant and easy piece to use but will make any season red hot.

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