Let it Rain and Remain Chic with a Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote

Aside from being very attractive, boots are also extremely handy for the cold and wet winter season and great for those rainy days. Coming in a large amount of different styles, the best type of boots to get are the rubber Wellington Boots, often shortened to simply “Wellies” by the British.  Wellies were first created in the late 1800’s when the Duke of Ellington instructed his shoemaker to modify his 18th century Hessian boot.

The boot soon became popular for soldiers in WWI and WWII. By 1955, they were associated with rural life as they became more popular in farm work.

Indeed, celebrities such as Kate Middleton have been seen sporting the rain boots and is nothing fret about in fashion. They have taken America by storm and are not only stylish but ever-so-functional as well.

The one piece of advice that every Wellies wearer should know is that they should be paired with thin leggings. For example, if wearing jeans make sure that they are skinny jeans so they don’t get caught or bulge inside the boot. Also, make sure to wear good socks to prevent athlete’s foot as the runner will cause the foot to sweat.

Wellies can also be worn for those sudden burst of April Showers and any season that throws out rainy days.  In terms of color for fall 2012, green seems to be the most popular choice and most notable color.  

However, Wellies are available in all spectrums with many in shiny Paddington Bear patent or even with an animal influence of leopard or reptile patterns.

Another retro classic that remains as trendy as ever is an authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping ToteMiranda Kerr, Mary Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Paris Hilton are huge fans of the durable and stylish patent collection.

This is truly stunning as a glossy shining patent leather shopping tote that is very durable as well. This discontinued design and patent leather tote is now consider a chic collectable.

Covering the front exterior of this pre-owned spacious tote is the embossed Chanel CC logo covering a good portion of its exterior.  

All hardware is gold-tone, including its protective feet on its flat base and chain link interwoven with black patent leather double top straps.

The super spacious and used Chanel tote´s interior offers enough room enough to carry all personal items and more. Lined in supple and smooth black leather, the inner portion encloses one over-sized zipper walled pocket and a large compartment on the other wall.

The authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote never has to be modified, as it is perfect to match up with on a rainy day with an umbrella and a pair of Wellies. 

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