Add a Power Punch of Edginess with a Chanel Camellia Shoulder Bag

One of the first most experts of hair care, Vidal Sassoon, sadly passed away at 84 years old this May.  Vidal Sassoon, provided hairstyles of many of the rich and famous as well as several salons around the world. He is perhaps best known for the revolutionary new haircuts he gave to women of short cuts freeing them for their shackles of rollers and hood dryers.

Perhaps his most famous hairstyle, the "Pixie Crop," was first introduced in the late 1960’s, after it was featured by Mia Farrow in Roman Polanski’s 1968 classic film "Rosemary’s Baby."   It soon became a sensation across the entire world and many famous celebrities. Even today many celebs including Madonna, Anna Hathaway and Emma Watson have been seen sporting the look.

Any woman who would like to wear a Pixie Crop, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. 

Avoid wearing looks that appear to be too tailored or severe and consider add some feminine touches to complete your appearance such as a pair of good earrings and impeccable make up and eyeshadow.

The authentic Chanel Camellia Shoulder Bag makes an extraordinary testimony as a woman who carries one with confidence. This design in beautiful quilted black/white fabric and offers a contemporary appeal of having the best of the best with a definite Karl Lagerfeld touches.

The Camellia is known as a lovely flower with large petals and happens to have been Coco Chanel’s favorite floral choice. The blooming bud is placed on the center exterior of the shoulder bag in black grainy and patent leather with a CC logo embedded in on one petal. Its leaves are a contrasting white. 

On one side of the flower is a large white leather CC logo stitched on with black edging. The opposite direction has the iconic No 5 in black with white tipping. Fine top stitching onto the front and back exteriors make this shoulder bag simply alluring.

A single chain link handle in silver tone with a canvas shoulder pad sets off this potpourri of interest.

A magnetic snap secures all belongings within during closure. This pre-owned Chanel can hold all essentials.  The interior is lined in black fabric with black leather trimmings.

Besides its ample space as a pochette, there are various compartments and a zippered one ideal for placing in items such as small coin purse, keys, cell and lipstick.
The authentic Chanel Camellia Shoulder Bag has a power punch of edge and yet is pure Chanel.

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