A Gucci Shopping Tote is Always a Must in Basic Black

Pablo Picasso, along with Salvador Dali, Goya and countless other artists, is one of the most beloved artists of Spain. His Cubist style clashed with the minimalism art of the day and his name immediately brings up pictures of lavish colors and square figures.

However, Picasso did several other interesting works, including a thoughtful study on light using only black and white paints. These unorthodox paintings are being displayed in New York’s Guggenheim Museum until January 23rd in 2013.

Over 115 of these paintings from 1904 to 1974 (just a few months before his passing) will be shown, ranging from haunting displays of the terrors of war to surrealistic figurines to still life, all of which create stark contrasts with the use of black, white and grey in order to create emotive responses and how they effected the mind.

Several rare pieces that have never been seen by the public before will be shown, including loans from Pablo’s estate and art critics say that it may change the way people consider the artist and his working methods. The exhibition is being curated and was the brainchild of Carmen Giménez, a noted Picasso expert.

Nothing beats using a stark contrast of basic black in a designer handbag to match any outfit than with an authentic Gucci Shopping Tote.

Be in the height of style with this large size Gucci shopper's bag against a black backdrop of cotton canvas filled with the famous signature GG logo monogram.

The canvas if further enhanced by its smooth black leather trim. Besides its stunning detailing in leather as corner protectors and flat bottom base, its use continues all the way to the two rounded top handle straps that can be hand carried or fit snuggly over the shoulder.

Once inside the Gucci Shopping Tote is lined black cord textile fabric and contains a zippered pocket on one wall.
Perfect for daily use, the roomy pre-owned Gucci shopper tote is sized just right without being overbearing. Fans of this one include Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie.

It will hold an abundance of items, including packages from a shopping expedition, reading material when at a favorite coffee shop, any communication device, as well as all essential items a girl normally carried.

Discover the many faces behind Picasso’s art and make the Gucci Shopping Tote the "first" handbag to grab when heading out the door this season.

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