Chanel perfume is one of, if not 'THE' most recognisable perfume brands of our time. Since the early 20th Century, Chanel has provided millions of people with fashionable items.

By far, their most popular and world-renown item is Chanel No 5, which was first released in 1921. The fragrance was devised Coco Chanel, for which she claimed was a “female perfume with a female scent.”  It not only was designed to be placed all over the body, but also began the trend of using a single floral themed scent.

Partnering with Ernest Beaux, who had previously designed perfumes for the Tsars of Russia, they had decided to use jasmine, and the most exotic of scents after Beaux visited the Arctic Circle and obtained his inspiration from the crisp and clean air.

May-rose, sandal wood and orange blossom are some of the 80 scents he prepared for her. The combination of the scents created a sensation, thanks to Beaux’s use of beakers which caused helped exert the perfume. The layers of complexity in Chanel No. 5 make it all the more harder to decipher.

Even the name No. 5 caused a stir because it was the first perfume name to eschew the fancy names other perfume designers were using. The story behind its name came from Coco Chanel’s preference for the 5th sample. The design of the bottle has also become iconic to the extent that it was honored by MOMA in 1951 and Andy Warhol did a series of silk screens of it in the 1980’s.

The Chanel flap bag is another piece of Chanel memorabilia that has remain fashion forward.

An authentic Chanel Lambskin Mini Flap Bag is sure to be a trendy classic. It is made from buttery soft black lambskin leather in a quilted rectangle pattern.

All hardware is silver tone on this mini flap, including the classic CC logo turn clasp.  

The standout piece is the pre-owned Chanel Mini Flap’s shoulder strap. Besides the iconic intermingling of silver tone chain links and black leather, this one offers triple the action. The edginess of its motorcycle chic extends along the circumference  of the base of the Chanel flap.

The interior of the used Chanel Flap is lined in the signature pattern of the Chanel name in black satin. Stylishly petite, it offers more interior space than imaginable for all personal items. There are several open flat pockets on the side wall.

The authentic Chanel Lambskin Mini Flap Handbag is a rare find and quite the exceptional bag to pair with the little black jacket that has made huge comeback, as well as that basic black dress or a pair of jeans.