The Louis Vuitton Monogram Deauville is in the Know for Today’s Carry-All Space

Apple has the world at its feet with the announcement that they will release a miniature version of their hot-selling I-Pad. Reports say that the new I-Pad Mini will have a 7.85 inch screen and may be capitalizing on the success of the 7 inch screen Amazon Kindle Fire HD.   Not to be outdone, Google created a 7-inch tablet for the marketplace, the Google Nexus 7.

Strangely, the corporation has not commented on the new product, although there may be an opening ceremony for the device on Wednesday October 17th, with hints of a November 2nd release date.

Mile long lines are expected for this new product and people have already started camping out at their local Apple store.  According to supposed, leaked photos, not that different from the current I-Pad with the same curved black back and thin lines of the original, only smaller.

Sure to be one of the must have Christmas gifts, the I-Pad Mini is estimated to be very affordable for a 16 Gigabyte system.

Ironically, Steve Jobs had nothing but scorn for 7-inch screens but in today’s day and age, Apple realizes that they have to keep up with the competition or get left behind.

With communication devices getting smaller and more advanced, a stylish designer handbag such as an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Deauville Handbag will handle it all with flair.

This is the one that is great to travel from the corner supermarket to far-away destinations and always look chic.

Detailed to stand out, the used Louis Vuitton Deauville handbag is one of the essential must-haves and works for work or leisure, or anywhere just like Alicia Keys does.

The simple and stunning design is based in the water-resistant Louis Vuitton monogrammed leather canvas and cowhide leather trimming. It is a perfect fit for every urban chic professional to the mom on the go.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Deauville is very similar to the Trouville, but slightly larger. It boasts a large open exterior slip pocket on its front exterior to store items while on the go, even the latest communication device.  The rounded double leather handles is an easy carry.
A double zipper opening with gold tone LV engraved pulls reveals a spacious interior with a natural linen-like textile fabric and leather trimming.

 The used Louis Vuitton Deauville makes organizing all items a breeze with two patch pockets on each wall.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Deauville Handbag is a spacious essential must-have that is just right with all the new toys out there to remain in the know.

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