The Louis Vuitton Sonatine Handbag is Infused with Modern Sensibility

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An authentic Louis Vuitton Sonatine remains very feminine in style even with its structure envelope style.

Crafted in Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, the pochette sized frame is graceful by its rounded edges and curved flap. It also boasts vachetta cowhide leather a trimming including its double flat top handles for hand carrying.

The sharp looking pre-owned Louis Vuitton Sonatine’s flap remains secure via a magnetic snap closure.

The interior reveals an eye-popping color of raspberry alcantara suede-like lining. Fit in the necessities needed when using the used LV Sonatine day or night. There is an open patch pocket on one side wall.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Sonatine Handbag is infused with modernity sensibility and is ideal when needing a boost of fashion energy.

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